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Whispers of Agatea Interior Design

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Location: Southwest half of Golden Steps Way, Bes Pelargic.

This shop sells...
   Antique elmwood framed mirror for 406Rh 30s
   Bluebird parasol for 152Rh 10s
   Golden wall fan for 114Rh 70s
   Kanji parasol for 109Rh 109s
   Mandarin-design walnut mirror for 375Rh
   Mother of pearl fan for 118Rh 61s
   Porcelain wall fan for 131Rh 31s
   Red-framed chinoiserie mirror for 375Rh
   Sandalwood wall fan for 113Rh 77s
   Satin leaf wall fan for 124Rh 7s
   Scalloped cherry blossom parasol for 161Rh 67s
   Scalloped square parasol for 107Rh 49s
   Silver crane wall fan for 107Rh 47s
   Spring garden parasol for 122Rh 8s
   Translucent white silk fan for 118Rh 62s