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Pfabi Djai's

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Location: North apex of the Road of the Sun, Djelibeybi.

This shop sells...
   Black cobra armband for DjToon 14.50
   Black diamond navel stud for DjToon 177.50
   Black diamond nostril stud for DjToon 44.50
   Blue and gold snake anklet for DjToon 81.00
   Cobalt earrings for DjToon 21.50
   D'reg wedding necklace for DjToon 60.00
   Diamond belly stone for DjToon 40.00
   Emerald anklet for DjToon 49.50
   Gimlet belly stone for DjToon 100.00
   Gold bangle for DjToon 16.80
   Golden amber navel stud for DjToon 177.50
   Golden flying ibis headpiece for DjToon 370.00
   Golden snake bracelet for DjToon 15.00
   Ivory pyramid ring for DjToon 50.00
   Ivory scroll navel stud for DjToon 41.83
   Jade star earrings for DjToon 23.00
   Klatchian head ornament for DjToon 50.00
   Pearl bracelet for DjToon 75.00
   Royal cobra headdress for DjToon 295.00
   Ruby belly stone for DjToon 40.00
   Ruby wedding necklace for DjToon 65.00
   Set of jingly handmaiden's bangles for DjToon 60.00
   Silver cobra armband for DjToon 13.19
   Sparkling, bejewelled anklet for DjToon 81.00
   Sphinx necklace for DjToon 30.00
   Twined gold armlet for DjToon 14.50