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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Kefka on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Ve ve

   A Ve Ve is a symbol of a spirit... in essence a signature by which a spirit may be recognised.
   They are often used to draw the attention of a particular spirit and focus its positive energy
   within a particular location. This particular ve ve is a drawing in metal, sculpted from iron and
   bronze to form a three dimensional representation guaranteed to please nine out of ten visiting
   voodoo gods.

Can be purchased at...
   Thee Magick Boxe (Bulky Items) (South room of Thee Magick Boxe, Voodoo Lane, Genua) for 2,9,3,33Gd

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.