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Portrait of Duke Tacticus

   The tall, imposing figure of Duke Tacticus is a popular subject for Genuan artists. As city leaders
   go, he was the one who cemented a large part of the city's culture and ensured that the art of war
   was practised to its fullest by the city-state. This portrait shows the man himself in full
   military dress, the platemail glinting in the morning sun's rays. He stands with his right hand on
   the pommel of an impressive long-sword sheathed in its scabbard by his side. The visor of his helm
   is up, and he stares purposefully into the distance.

Can be purchased at...
   Lord Alverton's art store (Intersection of Diamond Crescent and Darling Road, Genua) for 3,0,0,0Gd

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.